Mar 3rd, 2021

Floating Shelves Makes Your Bathroom Look Pinterest Perfect!

Wanna remodel bathroom but have no inspiration? Why not start it with an easy and efficient way-- Choosing a floating shelves set. You may be shocked by the dramatic change when you store all the trivial things on the shelves. A neat and tidy counter could even make you feel better when doing skin-care routine.We analyzed tens of thousands of reviews about bathroom shelves, finally find four most practical installation locations.Without further ado, let's get started.

1.Next to a shower curtain.

Hang a fabric shower curtain to separate wet and dry areas in a bathroom is trendy. Install the shelves next to the shower curtain is modern but retro. When you pull back the curtain, towels, cotton balls, shower gel, and Q-tips are at your fingertips.

Tips: The shelves above a toilet should be about 2 feet above the tank.


2.Next to a mirror

Hang the floating shelves set near the mirror in a bathroom. Put your perfumes ,makeup, your favorite greenery and decorative sign on the shelf. It will make a big difference in the feel of your bathroom (and your skin-care routine).

They will definitely add a nice touch to your bathroom.


3.Guest bathroom

There isn’t much counter room for decorating for a guest bathroom, shelves could be a life saver! One shelf holds rolls of toilet paper, one has a few little knick-knacks to match the theme of the bathroom and the other holds some of my lotions/Bath & Body Works sprays).

Such a bathroom is sure to make your guests feel at home.



4.Above the bathtub

Have you ever imagined the scene of the heroine bathing in the movie? Light a scented candle, listen to a soothing music, read a book with life philosophy, chase away the fatigue of the whole day. All you want, shelves can help you achieve.

As long as there is an empty wall, there are infinite possibilities. I believe you will be able to find the most suitable installation location for you. It is always a happy thing to decorate a cozy little house with your beloved one.Bayka is the store which makes your house a home.